Solo Guitar Playing I

by Frederick Noad

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Description Beginner's classical guitar book.
Posted By Bill Dunlap (443)
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Member Reviews

On 1/3/2010, Larry Rosenblum (159) posted:
Overall Rating:
One of my New Year resolutions this year is to rededicate myself to practicing and learning, and especially relearning and reviewing all I have learned in my life, on the guitar. So it was no accident that when I went to my bookcase to grab the first stack of guitar books I wanted to attack that my original, beat up, 1970 fourth edition copy of Frederick M. Noad's Solo Guitar Playing ended up on the top of the stack.

Every lesson in this book builds on the previous lesson in a way that actually helps you to internalize the concepts of classical guitar. The well planned and carefully graded exercises build on one another, and they are fun to play. And it is even more enjoyable if you are able to perform the exercises as duets with a teacher. Or, if you are advanced, you can record the accompaniments yourself and play along like that. Perhaps the newer printings come with a play-along CD. You will have to investigate on your own.

I definitely recommend this book to teachers as a course of study to offer if you have a rock or jazz student, or even a finger-style folk student, who wants to learn a little classical guitar on the side to improve their overall skill and dexterity.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
On 8/24/2001, Kevin Martz (278) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have used this book for a few years. At first, it was for instruction as I worked through the exercises with my teacher. More recently I have used it to expand the range of songs I can play. The end of the book has some of the best classical guitar pieces you can find.

Its a great book for beginners up to intermediate players.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists
On 2/27/2001, Bill Dunlap (443) posted:
Overall Rating:
This instructional book has most certainly made me a better player.

I've certainly become a better sight reader and learned the basics of classical guitar.

The book is fairly straightforward to work with and suprisingly easy to understand.

Quite honestly, this book was the best I've had for instruction... in several different styles of play. It starts pretty easy and builds on what you know. The book gives exercises and tests to improve your technique. The pointers and explanations are in the right places and at the right time.

This book is good for anyone starting to play guitar OR a guitarist wanting to learn something of the classical style.
Suitable for beginner guitarists