Crate GFX1200H

120W Head

Made by Crate

Description This is an awesome head.
Posted By Steven Jackson
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/8/2003, Eric Gill (39) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was looking at other crate half stack models,and for tone it was the best out of the solid state models,and for the amount that i payed for it it was well worth it.To make this amp better I would design a better clean channel ,and beef up the midrange on the gain channel for regular rock n' roll.If it was lost or stolen i would definetley go and buy this amp again,its grown on me and i cant get over the tone.its great!!
Model Year: 2001
Price: $250.00 (new)
Where Obtained: guitar center
This is the best solid state amp i have ever played,i have a bluvoodoo(tube) as well,but i favor the gfx 1200 for metal,its body and punch is fantastic.the only flaws i have found from this amp is the clean channel could be better,it sounds a little plain,i guess you could say its too consistent,or has no character.and the midrange on the gain channel is not the best ive heard,solid state amps may have punch,but tube amp midrange is exquisite.
On 4/27/2001, Adam Welk (311) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this amp because it was perfect for the money. If this was stolen I would probably by the crait GFX 200 because that has 2 12's and it has two times more the power. This amp to me is an excellent amp. My favorite aspect about this amp is that it has 10 digital effects built-in and it dosn't take a lot of time to transport it from place to place.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $386.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars Music
This amp has two distortion channels, and one clean channel. there is 10 built-in effects and it comes with a foot switch to change the three channels plus switch on and off the effects. This amp has 120 watts and I have to wear ear plugs at volume 3 and it goes up to 10. This amp is plenty powerfull enough to play at small gigs and it can hook up to another cabinet as well. It has solid state electronics but it has another jack to hook up tube peddals or whatever.
Sound Quality:
With this amp I use a effect editor pedal, grundge and heavy medal distortion pedals, you don't need chorus or flange or delay because those are built in to the amp. The distortion built in to the amp is perfect sounding for hard rock and the second channel of the distortion sounds great for lighter rock, and the clean sounds really good! This amp dosn't have any "annoying" sounds but it depends on how you play or what you play.
Ease of Use:
This amp dosn't program anything. But I have an effects editor pedal that stores patches and saves them so I highly recommend one of those. To find your perfect sound it does not take much but there is a lot of controls. It's pretty easy to transport. In the back there is a strap for cords and the foot-switch. It weighs 50 pounds.
I have played at gigs in the rain with this before. I have never had any problems with it. Like I said it weighs 50 pounds so its a tough one.
On 3/19/2001, Steven Jackson posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this amp. It is ridiculously great
Price: $300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
It has 5 effects they are flanger, delay , chorus , reverb , and a combo of chorus and reverb which produces a nice effect for playing light things on the clean channel, the delay and flange are also has high mid and low controlls on the clean channel. there are 2 distortion chanels one produces a crunch almost tube like tone but not quite. the second i very, very heavy i forgot what it is but it has a shape or presence control which controlls the heavyness and in certain positions boosts mids which is good, because the distortion channel does not have a mid control only high and low. this amp i very powerful it is 120 watts a 4 ohms and has 2 outputs, the included foot switch makes everything easier. I love this amp
Sound Quality:
The guitars i use with this basicly hace high out pickups i use my Gibson which i modified by installing higher out dimarzios but i think i will restore it, a kramer with an emg 85 active pickup. this sounds the best out of this amp. i also use an Epiphone korina explorer which sounde extremley warm and has no apparent feedback. it is pretty clean at high volumes. this is the best amp i used in this price range.i like it better most marshalls i have played and it sunds better than MOST!!! higher priced amps. I wanted this amp for a year before i got it and i am loving it.
Ease of Use:
You can obtain good sound pretty much with any setting but I prefer a lot of BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This amp is perfect in durability, my friends marshall always shorts out. I never had a problem with this amp and it has been hauled around a lot but it still looks like new