Maton EM325C

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Maton

Description Maton, Australian made premium quality Electric accoustic.Cut away body with matons top quality AP5 active pick-up.(left handed) "Made from the finest timbers and materials available featuring craftsmans--- and quality throughout".
Posted By Brad Hoekman (32)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 2/26/2001, Brad Hoekman (32) posted:
Overall Rating:
It's a quality guitar. Sounds and looks great.

Maton is very well known in Australia and is regarded as a top quality make of guitar.

Being a left handed player I cant usually just walk into a guitar shop and buy any guitar. I was very lucky with this one especially as it's such a quality guitar.

I just love this guitars crisp, warm sound and elegant looks. It sounds awesome unplugged but a good amp really allows it to shine, making full use of it's electric capabilities with the quality AP5 pick-up.
Price: $950.00 Australian
Where Obtained: Bairnsdale (East Gipsland, Victoria)
Made in Australia (Victoria). Mahogany Body with a Queensland Spruce face & Rosewood finger board. Chrome hardware. 3 ply binding on body. It has bass, treble, volume,& 2 mid range frequency controls.
It has a medium action, which is what I prefer on an accoustic. The neck is simisar to a les paul, with a solid feel. I havnt had heaps of experience in playing accoustics but of all the ones I tried out this felt and sounded the best. I cant really find any flaws in this guitar. It also stays well in tune.
Sound Quality:
It sounds excellent. I dont have any specialized accoustic amps. I play it through my marshall valvestate 230r and it sounds great. I have used it with accoustic amps, they really makes it sing but I dont think it's really a necessary purchase unles youre a pure accoustic player (which I'm not).
It feels nice and sturdy. I keep it in a case which helps protect it from the elements but climatic changes dont seem to affect it. All the controls work perfectly and are showing no signs of strain. This guitar was bought second hand but you really couldn't tell it had been used.I have had it for almost two years now and it still looks new!