The Sun Years

by Johnny Cash

(1990) Rhino #R2 70950

Personnel Johnny Cash, Luther Perkins
Description Boom-chalka-laka.
Posted By Howard Owens (3129)
Directory Recordings: Country
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On 2/21/2001, Howard Owens (3129) posted:
Overall Rating:
To our ears today, it's difficult to really appreciate what a revolutionary performer Johnny Cash was in 1955. When "I Walk the Line" hit the airwaves that year, pop, rock and country fans had never heard anything like it. The driving beat, the driving guitar line like a freight train, the baritone vocals and the simple, yet powerful vocals were just totally different from what anybody else was doing.

Luther Perkins had a unique guitar style that was certainly unadorned, but still powerful and riviting. Johnny Cash had a voice as powerful as an old Oak tree and twice as big. His songwriting cut to the bone. Few performers can reach into your gut and make you feel what he feels like Johnny Cash.