The Song Remains The Same

by Led Zeppelin

(1976) Warner Brothers #11389

Description Led Zeppelin performs live at Madison Square Garden.
Posted By Ryan Martin (1002)
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Member Reviews

On 8/22/2003, Tom Callagy (1865) posted:
Overall Rating:
Not enough concert footage for me. If you want to see the great Led Zep on stage & plenty of it (over 5 hrs!), get the new Led Zeppelin DVD!
On 9/30/2002, Dylan Tuggle (334) posted:
Overall Rating:
  • You get to see Led Zep live.
  • This is a great video to steal Page licks from.

  • The occultish dream sequences are ridiculous.
  • You find out Led Zep was better in the studio than live.
On 11/17/2001, Adel Abu Hamdeh (754) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this movie. The sequences during the concert, the dreamsequences was at sometimes too long. But the movie is great. Every member of the band had a "special part" of the concert. Jimmy Page showed of his talents when playing Dazed and Confused. Even though he plays sloppy it sounds and look graceful. John Bonham drummed himself silly in Moby Dick. John Paul Jones was as mysterious as ever when playing No Quarter and Robert Plant, well, he holds the microphone. This movie shows that Led Zeppelin was great live performers who had fun on stage. Its a shame though that the movie isnt longer. I would have liked to see Immigrant Song and Celebration Day in the movie.
On 2/21/2001, Lee Smith (1362) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have seen this video at least 100 times maybe more. I am a Huge Zep fan and always will be! thier music is so vast from accoustic to flat out rock and roll. the video is no exception, The sound and picture could be better but what can one expect from a 70's movie. the parts i disliked 1}cutting out the Guitar solo of Heart breaker 2}some of the editing on Dazed and Confused 3}songs not played in the video {the video should have been a lot longer} Things i like/ love 1} the in your face guitar on whole lot of love, song remains the same an on rock n roll 2}the guitar solo on "no Quarter" 3} the twists and turns on Dazed and confused 4}the dream sequences. i feel they were a part of what the band was all about. Robert plant as the conquering hero, Jimmy Page turning into Alexter Crowley after a hard journy, John Bohnam as the dare devil and all around cool guy john paul jones as the secret masked maurader this video is awsome i recomend it to everyone who wants to play rock guitar,accoustic and heavy metal
On 2/21/2001, Ryan Martin (1002) posted:
Overall Rating:
The parts of video I did not like:

1. The scenes before the concert. Just fast forward past this part.

2. The dream sequences.

3. The backstage shenanigans during and between songs.

The parts of the video I liked:

1. The special effects. They put Star Wars: Episode One to shame.

2. THE MUSIC. (John Bonham's long drum solo, Stairway, Jimmy Page playing guitar with a violin bow.)

The only reason you would ever want to buy this video would be to see Led Zeppelin live. However, this is all I wanted out of the video. So if you are like me and are too young to have ever experienced Led Zeppelin live, I would have to recommend this video.