Crystal Planet

by Joe Satriani

Personnel Stu Hamm, various others
Description A varied collection of instrumental rock guitar in it's most mindbending forms. Songs vary from rocking electric (Crystal Planet), to slow, melodious pieces (Light of Heaven) to acoustic (Z.Z.'s Song)
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Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 1/9/2004, Liam Mooney (103) posted:
Overall Rating:
Satriani is a true guitar legend! He can play fast, very very fast, but can also play nice ballads and melodies. Up in the Sky and Crystal Planet are my favs. I love every song on this album, I can't say anything bad about it. I think the tunes are more varied than albums like Surfing with the Alien (which was mostly very very fast). I would recommend this album to any guitar players out there because this guy ROCKS!
On 6/19/2001, Anthony Bnot-Norad (446) posted:
Overall Rating:
Considering that the second Self Titled album preceeded this one, Satchmo's are in for audio whiplash when they pick up this album! The title track was actually the first satch song I EVER heard, and I was totally floored! What I love is the subtle progressions and electronic what-nots, that only certain speakers can pick up. Right now, I totally mark out for Time, Crystal Planet, ...Delta V and Ceremony. It seems he picks up from Flying... with deeply passionate tunes like Love thang and A peice of Liquid. You wont be disappointed if you were a Satchmo from the days of Surfing..., so give this one a look!
On 3/7/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This is my favorite Guitar God instrumental record and believe me I've heard them all. Ceremony and A Train of Angels both rock hard. ZZ's Song is good also. Time is my personal favorite. Up in the Sky and Raspberry Jam Delta V are great too. I also love Jupter (at least I think it's called Jupiter). Secret Prayer is pretty good. Love Thing is great too and reminds me of Always With Me, Always With You. Personally I think that this CD is better than Surfing With the Alien, and WAY WAY better than that s---ty Passion and Warfare. Satriani is great at putting the listener in a different world on this CD.
On 2/20/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Personally, my favorite album from Satriani. It has a slight electric undertone though unlike Engines of Creation, it stays "real". The album goes from rocking electronic licks to slower, emotional songs.