Ibanez PT-5

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by Ibanez

Description This is an effects processor that has 50 presets,and 50 user patches.There is six footswitches on the front,the first five pick the setting,and the six advances to the next five sets of patches.
Posted By Erich Bailey (115)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 2/19/2001, Erich Bailey (115) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a good unit, but if i was to buy another, I would pick up somthin new.If you know somebody with one of these for sale though, and you dont have an effects unit,This one is very good.The distortion really sucks for my style though.Some people like it but. i use another dist. pedal to get it to sound really nice.
Price: $150.00
Where Obtained: Friend
It is AC powered,and it is solid state.It is in stereo.
Sound Quality:
I use a '83 gibson explorer plugged into an ibanez classic metal dist. pedal,then into the PT-5 and out into a Carvin SX-400 half stack.I play thrash metal and this is what perfected my sound.I use this effects processor to add subtle effects to my clean and dist. tones.All the effects have a wide range,so you can go from a nice clean guitar sound to a crazy sound that only a synth would make.
Ease of Use:
This unit is programmable,but it does take awhile to learn how to create your own sounds,as the controls are vey confusing.Once you learn how to change the settings, it does take alot of fiddling to get the right sound, but once you do it sounds great.
I think it is reliable enough for stage use, but not that it can take a heavy beating though.Mine is a messing up because the plug from my cable doesn't connect inside anymore.But it is not flimsy,there is just some key spots that have to be treated a little bit delicatly.