In Through The Out Door

by Led Zeppelin

(1979) Swan Song

Description The last recording of Led Zeppelin.
Posted By Pedro Lima (2133)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 2/19/2001, Pedro Lima (2133) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album includes "In The Evening", "South Bound Juarez", "Fool In The Rain", "Hot Dog", "Carouselambra", "All My Love" and "I'm Gonna Crawl". I particularly like the humour of "Hot Dog", but "In the Evening", "Fool in the Rain" and "All Of My Love" are also interesting. One curiosity of this album is that it was recorded at Abba's studios. It's also the last of LZ's records. With the death of the drummer John Bonham, the remaining members decided that LZ was over. This is not one of their best albums, but you have to consider that much of the previous work was awesome. This is "just" very, very good.