Guild S-100 Polara

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Guild

Description A SG style electric from the 70's. Dual humbuckers, with phase switch. Set neck, slim taper neck and slim body. This thing is thin and fast. The Humbuckers are hot! Tone is comparable to gibson's with a lot of beef.
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Member Reviews

On 2/18/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Well i looked at new epiphones, esp's, jacksons, and godin's. I chose this one for the sound and the ease of play. This guitar could be better if it were 24 instead of 22 frets. I love the tone on this thing and if anything ever happened to it i would cry and try and find an older one like this.
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: local shop
This is of course made in the USA. Has grover tuners. Has a mahogany neck and body. Set neck construction. Slim very fast neck, comparable to a Jackson Soloist. Dual humbuckers, these are the hottest best sounding pickups I have ever heard. The bridge pickup is awesome for metal and sounds nice. Tight bass response but doesn't overpower the treble. The neck pickup is nice for blues clean/distored. The controls are the same as an SG but, this has a factory phase reversal swicth on it. The finish on this one is Natural. The main features are the slim neck and the pickups.
This thing is easy, VERY easy to play. The neck is slim and fast. Compares to a Soloist. The action is very low and smooth, nice for slide.
Sound Quality:
This thing sounds awesome through anything. I use a digitech Rp 100 and Digitech Whammy. This guitar is awesome for any style, metal, blues, country. It is best suited for Metal/Hard rock and blues. This thing just screams with tone.
Well it's been around for 24 years and is in good condition. I have had it for about a year and half no adjustments needed.