Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by ART & LUTHRIE Acoustic

Description Average acoustic , I do believe it's a plywood top, with cherry stain and maple finger board
Posted By Glen Graham (1860)
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On 9/11/2002, Glen Graham (1860) posted:
Overall Rating:
If she got ripped off ,I'd opt for something else as it has given me a bit of grief.maybe spend a little more in the process.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $200.00 can (new)
Where Obtained: Woodshed guitars
Made in Canada. The break down on materials is as follows 50%wild cherry, 33% maple, 13%walnut, 4% spruce. This baby has 21 frets medium jumbo.
Thisguitar plays well action is pretty well niddle of the road for acoustic, not to high not to low. I can only really compare this to some lower priced Yamahas, and would preferthis guitar for sound and overall feel. Only complaint is a slight buzz on high E string at 14th fret where neck joins body.
Sound Quality:
Sound quality is full and warm
Durability wise I can't really say, as I treat it really good. If I put it down for a day it is slightly sharp or flat as far as tuning goes. my place has a constant 50% humidity.This has been added on March 23 2001. After owning the guitar for some 18 months or so, the neck on the guitar is startin to go south. I described the situation to a luthier and he thinks the truss rod is to loose. I will have this tweaked and let you know how it turns out. this problem started after puttin light gauge strings on it. I'm keepin my fingers crossed. The funny thing is it still plays fine. After the adjustments she should play better.Turns out I really don't wanna sink to much money into a 200 dollar guitar.I'll live with it,play the thing till it