Marshall Super Lead Plexi

100W Head

Made by Marshall

Description This is the "Plexi" that you hear so much of and tone junkies go into debt for. 100 watts of pure, unadulterated Marshall tone.
Posted By Justin Frear (3769)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 2/13/2001, Justin Frear (3769) posted:
Overall Rating:
All I can say is that I'm kicking myself for getting rid of it. I've played a couple of the reissue versions but they're just not the same. If I could, I would hunt another vintage one down in a heartbeat.
Model Year: 1972
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: A friend
Pretty much your typical "vintage" layout...treble, mid & bass eq's, 2 channels with separate volumes, 100 all tube watts.
Sound Quality:
Play thru one of these and you'll see why they're so sought after. Very, very nice tones. I used mine for typical rock & roll gigs, and also loaned it out for jazz & country session players.
Ease of Use:
Plug in and go! No problems here!
While I'm sure these older amps still have a ton of life left in them, they're slowly but surely being retired. They're built like a ton of bricks, but as with any tube amplifier, they need a little bit of special care.