Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Electro-Harmonix

Description Analog envelope filter that gives you tons of options for plenty of great autowah sounds.
Posted By Mike DiBernardo (258)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 2/12/2001, Mike DiBernardo (258) posted:
Overall Rating:
Sit down with it at a music store and try it out. If you're instantly impressed with it, play with it for about 15 minutes before you buy it. That way you'll know you'll still be interested when you get it out a week from then. I use a rack effects unit and a few little toys on the floor, and this is one of my favorite pedals. I'm totally into funk, and anything with a groove to it...that's my style, and this is my pedal.
Where Obtained: M&M Music
There are plenty of great things about this pedal. You can select between Normal and Boost modes, which slightly changes the function of the knobs in each mode. In Normal mode, the Gain knob controls the ammount of the effect, but in Boost mode it controls the level of gain as related to volume, like the gain on an amp, etc...The trick is to read the manual and just simply fool around with it. It comes with an AC adapter and one of those retro looking boxes with the slide top like most of the electro-harmonix stuff comes in. I only took one point off because sometimes when you switch the unit on, you hear a *pop* which is tolerable and I don't know if it has anything to do with the volume on the guitar being up or not. But believe me, if you can deal with a little pop, this pedal beats almost every other auto wah.
Sound Quality:
The sounds are great, they're very bubbly and warm on the Low and Band Pass, and very nasaly and brittle on the Hi Pass...I swear that this is the pedal that John Frusciante used on all of Blood Sugar Sex Magik...you can set this to produce a little chinkity sound that barely has any wah to it, but is full of funk. I'm crazy when it comes to effects, so I use this along with a little distortion and a detuned guitar and jam out Crystal Method and Chemical Brothers grooves.
I could see the stomp button wearing way down the road, but other than that, this thing is pretty solid. I don't completely trust the durability of every electroharmonix pedal I buy, but this one hasn't failed me yet (knock on wood).