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Description This site offers in-depth coverage on Doc Watson, including a biography, discography, list of awards and learning resources. It also has links to other Doc Watson sites on the web.
Posted By Steve Carr
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On 5/28/2002, Jan Willems (42) posted:
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This is a very well created site, though not as complete as the Jan Willems's Doc Watson Pages, where more information on featuring artists, older recordings, lyrics, tabs and downloads can be found. Take a look a the great biography.
On 4/19/2001, Norman Blais (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great site I've just rediscovered Doc Watson. All my life I've wanted to be able to sing and pick a guitar. Finally at age 50 I'm doing it. This site gives lot of great info on the old guy and his great music. Now if I could only get to his version of the House of the Rising Sun. It is without a doubt the best male vocalist version ever made.
On 3/19/2001, Steve Carr posted:
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I am the webmaster of and am submitting the Doc Watson section of the site because I think it is the best one-stop resource to find out about Doc on the web. The features that make it different include a database-driven discography of Doc Watson's recordings with a search form. It also features probably the best biography of Doc ever published.