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Description Sonic net's My radio is your radio station.
Posted By Alvin Mullen (1442)
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On 2/28/2001, Maciek Sakrejda (8047) posted:
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I've never listened to their genre-specific channels or their celebrity-designed stations, but I've made two stations: 9MileSkid and Y_ALL. The first is my general station, where I listen to stuff I like and stuff I don't know (one neat thing about Sonicnet is the on-the-fly playlist modifications you can make and the fact that if something you truly can't stand comes on, you can just skip it). The second is a themed station I designed, based on the word 'y'all', the only thing country and rap have in common. People, when asked about their musical preferences, often say, "Oh I listen to everything. Except rap and country" (especially people who listen to little more than rock in a broad sense), so I made a station just for them. As the station description says, "A fine mix of rap, country, hip hop, and Americana. Are you down with this hootenany?"
On 2/6/2001, Alvin Mullen (1442) posted:
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This is a great site. it has several sections in each catagory. From Rock to blues to jazz to country to hip hop. You can select any of the stations to listen or register your own station and mix and match styles and artists. While listening the pop up screen shows the artist, album title and song title. It gives an edit function for that individual artist on your radio data base. I also has a picture of the album cover you can click on to be connected to an Internet store where you can buy the album. I'm listening to it as I type. Big Joe Williams is playing Blues for Gamblers!!! It doesn't get any better.