Treat Me Right

by Eric Sardinas

(1999) Evidence Music

Description Crossover between blues, rockabilly and hardrock. All with a slide & amplified dobro.
Posted By Raf Lafaille (42)
Directory Recordings: Slide
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Overall Rating: 4.7 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 10/28/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm saddened that this is the only Eric Sardinas album listed here. All of his albums are very good! However, the true ES experience is in seeing him live. I've seen him 5 times in the last 2 years, and it's always amazing.
On 5/12/2002, Alan Roberts (10065) posted:
Overall Rating:
Eric Sardinas may be one of the best slide guitarists on the planet.His original tunes rock like Johnny Winter in his prime,but some of his cover tunes may disappoint purists.Guest appearances by Hubert Sumlin and Johnny Winter help add some credibility to an already strong debut.
On 2/7/2001, Raf Lafaille (42) posted:
Overall Rating:
Whether you like blues, straight powerful rock or more countrylike rockabilly (like the Stray Cats), this album has it all. Ever wondered what kind of records Robert Johnson would have made nowadays if he were still alive? I think this would be pretty close: lots of slide playing, and some "woman-offending" lyrics once in a while.

Sometimes his voice & playing reminds me of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Also lots of Johnny Winter influences (he even jams along on "Tired of Trying"!).

I definitely recommend the track "Goin' to the River". Maybe it's a bit too bluegrass to my pure blues-taste, but what a solo and build-up in the middle!! If anyone can figure out how he tunes/capoes his guitar, please let me know! (my best guess is DBGDAD capoed on the third fret).

Overall a jaw-dropper if you appreciate slide playing.