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Description Vendita on line del catalogo cd,mp3 e informazioni sulle attivit dell'etichetta. Tra gli artisti Daniele Sepe, Antonio Onorato, Maria Pia de Vito, Marco Zurzolo
Posted By Mauro Boccuni (35)
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On 2/5/2001, Mauro Boccuni (35) posted:
Overall Rating:
How can I be objective when I am involved in what Polosud has become since last two years? Polosud records is a continuous challenge in italian music market. But when Ninni Pascale - Polosud executive - in 1993 was given the chance to test his longtime experience in recording and A&R managing, he thought it was the right time to have finally a start-up for all talented musicians walking around his studio facilities. In less than ten years, being located in Napoli which means far away from italian economic central poles, Polosud has built a well known and estimated catalogue of cd's ranging from alternative to jazz, from folk rock to latin. I hope everybody might join and appreciate artists as Daniele Sepe, Antonio Onorato, Marco Zurzolo, James Senese or Maria Pia De Vito. Thank you for your kind attention