BBE 601 Stinger Pedal

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by BBE

Description This is the bbe effect on the floor, which as everybody knows adds clarity and depthe to your tone.
Posted By Jeremy Ledford (14379)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 8/19/2001, Jeremy Ledford (14379) posted:
Overall Rating:
I got this unit as a present for my 17 b-day. i was shown this at the store and it was cool, so i asked for it. they no longer make these so goodluck finding one. if ya do, send it to me!!! definitely look into the bbe process for improving tone!! all models should work fine.
Model Year: 1990
Price: $100.00 (new)
Where Obtained: strings and things, memphis, tn
Has hi and low controls. powered by either battery or ac. very minimal, doesnt need anything else.
Sound Quality:
I have used this w an ampeg ss-140ca, an ampeg vh-140ca, and a peavey VTM-60. guitars are peavey nitro s w active pick-ups(stock and emg-85). i use this pedal for a lead boost (it is too much for rythmn playing IMO). i play metal and 80's hard rock. this pedal (or any bbe effect)will help anybody's tone immensely. noise floor is increased a little bit.
Ease of Use:
Just plug it in!! only works in the effects loop though. needs a hot signal (pickups wont provide it).
This is where it has faults. the input jacks pulled off the circuit board. :( this had to be fixed so i pulled the jacks and soldered in wires, which were in turn connected to new 1/4" jacks. removed the unit from its housing and put it in a new case. also the switch stopped working so i pulled that, too. i use a dod gate/loop pedal for switching now.