Fender El Rio

6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description My "El-Rio" is an Electric-Accoustic, of which I've never seen another! It has "Mother of Pear" Inlays, and is sort of Western in appearance.
Posted By Dave Wells (59)
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On 1/28/2001, Dave Wells (59) posted:
Overall Rating:
The thing I like best about this guitar is that I've never seen another one!
Model Year: 1983
Price: $650.00 (new)
Where Obtained: World Music, Simi, CA. USA
My Fender "El-Rio" is an Electric-Accoustic steel string. guitar, which was purchased in 1983, I believe. Many years ago, I found this book listed in a guitar catalogue, which stated the in-lays are Mother of Pearl. It also listed some really nice woods in the construction, but I don't recall the details. It has 22 frets, is single cutaway, and is "Starburst" like in the wood appearance, and looks slightly western in appearance. It has a volume, tone, and notch-filter control, and some sort of internal pickup. (I don't know what kind). The chord jack in intergrated into the strap knob at the base of the guitar.
Great neck action, but with medium or heavy gauge strings, can sometimes be just a bit more difficult to play.
Sound Quality:
One of the best sounding guitars I've ever heard !!! I purchased a Peavey accoustic-electric amp for this guitar, with 2 15" "Black Scorpian" speakers, and an accoustic "Horn" at the top of the unit which is enabled while playing an electric-accoustic, and is disabled while playing a standard electric guitar.
This guitar actually has been in storage for some time, so it is still "Brand New" in feel and sound. All of the hardware is in great shape, it holds tuning very well, and the heavy-duty hardshell case has protected it from dings and scratches. (Although, of course, it has some small ones anyway!)