Fender 90's Custom Telecaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Black, black pearl binding and pickguard, 21 fret, rosewood fingerboard with maple neck, gold hardware, 2 single coil pickups.
Posted By Daniel Ege (605)
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On 1/27/2001, Daniel Ege (605) posted:
Overall Rating:
Didn't know what I wanted when I bought this. Picked it up and it just felt right! If lost or stolen I would go with an ASH bodied tele. I have had a lot of people come up to the stage at break and just stand there staring at this guitar, so it must seem pretty to some. I like to look at it as well as play it. I give it an average review because of durability, and pickups.
Price: $500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Kidder Music
Japanese, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, very soft wood on body, I believe it's poplar, but is as fragile as balsa. 21 thin frets, 1 volume and 1 tone. 3 way switch and 2 single coil p/u's. Black single cutaway, with a sring through body bridge, vintage style tuners. It's pretty to some, gaudy to others, because of black pearl binding and pickguard, and gold hardware.
I use medium action, pretty much the way it comes from factory, I love the feel of the neck, although I would prefer a satin finish on it. I am playing out regularly now with this guitar since I got new p/u's. Before that I just left it home:( As I have said The body has to be made of something like balsa). You just look at it and it gets a ding!
Sound Quality:
Since I changed pickups...Great! before that? Bad. I play about anything except jazz...Just never liked listening to it for too long. I can get the sounds I want with this guitar, It's very pleasing to my ears. I put in vintage noiseless pickups, and although it doesn't have the "true" tele twang, it is a much more useable sound for more styles of music...IMHO. This guitar is suitable for stage and studio, it's got less 60 cycle hum than my les paul! One more thing, A lot of people complain about the blandness of noiseless p/u's and when I first installed them I was pretty unimpressed. But I backed them away from the strings and must have hit a "sweet spot" because all of a sudden they came alive! I tried backing them further and lost the tone. If you try these things, back em off until you find their "sweet spot".
Don't look at it too hard or you'll ding it. If i dropped it it would blow into a million pieces(the body)The neck would hold up just fine and I would then place it on an ash body. Truss rod gets an adjustment about 2 times a year. What really surprises me is that the body has not checked yet. The gold has(not surprisingly)started to come off. I do not want to give the wrong impression, I wipe down the guitar after playing out and do not use this as a baseball bat. But i still seem to find a new ding in it every time i clean it!