Crate CA-30D

30W Combo

Made by Crate

Description Features digital effects process with 16 presets. Has 1/4" line out with level control and an effects loop.
Posted By Tim Ball (2060)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 6/17/2006, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I was looking at a Trace Elliot, and several others, but the price was just right...
Model Year: 2004
Price: $148.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
This is a fairly simple amp to use. There are 2 inputs, each with their own gain stage, which is summed after the gain. The amd provides 3 bands of EQ with a contour button that affords you the ability to set the "midpoint" of the mids, allowing the MID to EQ ro behave in a parametric way. It also offers effects and level for the built in effects, and an effect loop. It's a 30 watt amp, so it fits well when I have musicians over to play - and even in my studio. It's mono solid state amp that's fully mono.
Sound Quality:
I use this with a 5000 Series Wechter Acoustic Double Cutaway guitar. I have a guitar rack that I use, that consists of a ZOom RFX-1000 that provides Chorus, Delay, etc. I play a lot of fingerpicking and flat picking as well. It's pretty cool for the price that I paid.
Ease of Use:
It's really easy to program. Select the patch. Dial in an amount of effect. Not a lot of work needed to get the sound your looking for, although there I times that I would like more efect than it's capable of producing.
It's constructed nicely. No issues yet.