Student Repertoire Series For Guitar Vol. 1 And 2

by Lawrence Ferrara

Guitar Solo Publications #Vol. 1, 0-9627832 Vol. 2, 0-9627832-7-7

Description A graded anthology of guitar pieces full of preludes, etudes, historical pieces, folk music and standard guitar repertoire. The level progresses from very easy to intermediate and the selections are very musical.
Posted By Larry Ferrara (6)
Directory Books/Tab: Classical
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On 1/24/2001, Joseph William (4) posted:
Overall Rating:
Excellent for beginning students who are looking for pieces that are musical, fun to play, and easy to learn. (Many more works in addition to the usual Sor and Carcassi). Also useful for intermediate students as a resource for learning all sorts of pieces from different historical eras, melodies from around the world and within the classical repertoire. Highly recommended!