Tim McGraw - Greatest Hits

by Tim McGraw

(2000) Curb

Description This album contains the biggest hits off of Tim McGraw's four albums. An outstanding condensing of those four albums.
Posted By John Myers (8868)
Directory Recordings: Country
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Member Reviews

On 2/5/2001, Gene Randall (65) posted:
Overall Rating:
This a a great album,It is actually what turned me on to Tim McGraw that and my wife
On 1/24/2001, John Myers (8868) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great album for a Tim McGraw fan for the road so they can carry all the biggest hits on just one CD. Or if it is a new listener, it will be an excellent way to give that person a choice cut of Tim McGraw's music and see if they like it. On a personal note, I am a bit dissappointed that one of my favorites, "Everywhere", didn't make it on this CD. But otherwise, I have no complaints about it and I was excited to get it.