Jackson RR-3

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Jackson

Description Really awesome guitar that rocks. It looks cool, it feels cool and it sounds cool!
Posted By Mika Pilke
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 3/19/2001, Mika Pilke posted:
Overall Rating:
Really awesome choice if you don't have enough money to buy RR1. If this would be stolen I probably would buy this again, oh hell, of course I would buy it again.

You get yourself perfect guitar if you change those hums and maybe those other electronics too. KILL-switch would be nice but without that, those volymes sucks.
Price: $1000.00 (new)
This model is made in Japan but it's really good. Like much better than PS3 witch is made in Japan too. It has 22 frets and two Seymour Desing 103 humbuckers. Controls goes like volyme, volyme, tone and 3way toggle. This is only bad thing in this guitar. When there is 2 volymes you have to play with them more than normal.
There's really nothing special in playability of this guitar. It is not the best but it definitely isn't the worst either. I think that only RR1 is better in this area.
Sound Quality:
Cause of the Duncan Desingns it does not sound really good. Of course they are better than Jackson's own hums but I would prefer that you would change its humbuckers if you want true quality. Like Seymour Duncan's Invader or Live Wire Metal if you play metal that you probably do if you buy this guitar. I play with Laney TF350 (120w) and it sound fine with it. Much better than my old Charvel.
I always use this one on gigs. It's trustable enough that you won't have to fear that it would broke up or anything. Of course, strings are still those witch might so that. Locks work well and you can do 2 x full bend without any adjusting after.