Stomping Ground

by Goldfinger

(2000) Mojo

Description One of the better ska/punk albums out there. Two thumbs up.
Posted By Kevin Wiser (14)
Directory Recordings: Alternative
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Overall Rating: 4.0 (of 5)
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On 1/20/2001, Kevin Wiser (14) posted:
Overall Rating:
Stomping Ground is a fun CD with an obvious amount of work put into it. As a Goldfinger fan I think this is probably better than their Subtitled Debut but worse than Hang-Ups (their second album) Stomping Ground has some really killer songs including "San Simeon" "Still Counting The Days" and a killer remake of "99 Red Baloons." There's also a really heavy song called "The End of the Day" where the lead singer rants about people who try to tell him what he should play. On the downside the CD is kind of short, and some of the songs seem to just run together. If you've never heard Goldfinger before try to get Hang-Ups and if you like any of that CD immediately pick this one up. A worthy addition to any Ska/punk collection Stomping Ground is an all around Great CD that could have been slightly better. I could easily see Goldfinger becoming popular anytime. Maybe the next album will do it...