Kyser Pat. 4688 440

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Description A good capo, you almost never get any buzing. strong, and reliable. though i m not sure of the price, a good choice if you need a capo. but i don't know if it is a professinal style, very easy to change- just squeeze.
Posted By James Rogers (147)
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On 1/20/2001, James Rogers (147) posted:
Overall Rating:
Really good.
Price: $0.00 ? (new)
Where Obtained: a guitar store somewhere on this planet
It is very easy to change. a bit big if you are going for a capo that is blended with your giuitar for performances, but overall a good choice.
I'd say it is good for concert playing (all though i don't do concerts) you could say it is very durable, but it is a very little bit on the breakable side in some areas, but i haven't had any problems.