Brian Moore I9

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Brian Moore

Description Bolt-on electric guitar with maple top and mohogany back and sides. Three Seymour Duncan pick-ups in H-S-H configuration. Gold hardware, coil tapping, tremolo.
Posted By Rob
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On 3/19/2001, Rob posted:
Overall Rating:
Prior to playing the I9, I hadn't even HEARD of Brian Moore Guitars. But the custom-shop features, classy looks, speed, and power of this guitar make it a great buy. It far exceeds standards for other guitars in its price range and will surely be a part of my rig for a lifetime. Brian Moore will no doubt continue to grow as manufacturing standards from old favorites like Fender and Gibson continue to diminish.

Let's face it-- I liked it enough to bother to review it! (Something I've never even done before.)

You have to try a Brian Moore guitar before you buy next time!
Price: $900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: House of Guitars, San Antonio, TX
The I9 is a bolt-on 6-string electric guitar from Brian Moore Guitars. The guitar sports a highly figured maple top and Kalantas Mahogany body. The guitar features a thin maple neck with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. The three Seymour Duncan pickups (a humbucker in the neck and bridge with a single coil sandwiched in-between) offer a plethora of awesome sounds-- practically endless with coil tapping (standard on this model). Top it off with gold hardware and Sperzel locking tuners and you have a modern classic!
A custom set-up was done on this guitar-- and the action was like none I've ever experienced before. The guitar plays fast-- your hands freely slide along the tight neck and comfortable fretboard. With the strings low and loose there's practically no guitar heroic that can't be performed. Best of all-- the guitar is surprisingly light so that pain in your back doesn't distract you from your playing.
Sound Quality:
I fired this guitar up through a DSL Marshall Amp. On the clean channel, the guitar offered a great variety of tones. With the humbuckers split using the coil tap, the guitar had a pleasant twang fitting for blues. Allowing the pickups to ride free produced clean tones that bridged the gap from ominous (Metallica verse riff stuff) to a punchy sound (with the switch flipped to full throttle). Overall-- the clearest clean sound I've heard on a bolt-on.

With the gain cranked up (and the legendary overdrive channel) on the Marshall the guitar offered great tonal possibilities. You could hit everything from a light AC/DC to a dirty Neil Young with hardly any adjustment to the amp at all. Good good stuff!

Metal players should dig this guitar too (the speed neck was practically made for metal) as the guitar is extremely responsive to effects. Even low-end digital effects (Zoom Pedal Users Please Read) sound warm and natural through this guitar. It handles high end metal distortion with ease-- allowing you to cop your favortie riffs from Metallica AND Randy Rhoads.

Overall, a fitting guitar for almost any style of music. Great for metal and high end rock-- but with coil tapping would make a great blues rig as well.
I can't get this guitar to go out-of-tune. I've done ridiculous whammy dives, Stevie Ray step bends, and the temperature here has been humid and ever-changing. Easily my most reliable guitar, which is amazing considering it has a tremolo.

Although some of this has to be credited to the awesome professional setup done on the guitar, the Sperzel locking tuners no doubt have a great deal to do with this as well. I'd highly recommend this for live shows (especially if you like to use that whammy bar).