Dunlop Pickholder

Made by Dunlop

Description Spring-loaded pick holder has self-adhesive back for mounting.
Posted By Tim Ball (2060)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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Member Reviews

On 6/3/2002, Bernardo Pires (4599) posted:
Overall Rating:
Good guitar accessory...Pick holder
Its a good pick holder. Peel adhesive strip from back and attach to guitar guard plate. Series 5005
Made by Dunlop. Good quality.
On 11/24/2001, Daniel Yourdon (904) posted:
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I say a whole slew of pick holders. I picked this one because it is convenient. it mounts anywhere or you can keep it in your pocket. I acyually put mine on my guitar so that if i loose my grip during a performance I have anouther pick right there. it holds 7 .05 mm picks. it's small and easy to mount so it's out of the way and not noticable.
Price: $1.25 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Store
Small and Handy durable to. I have one on my practice Guitar that has lasteg over 10 years. I was worried about the spring in it breaking when I bought it because that wold allow all the picks to fall out but haven't had any prablem with it. the plastic parts are strong. I cram a 3mm pick into one every day and the plastic keeps springing back to it's original shape every time I take the pick out.
Rugged, tough enough to get thrown in the bottom of your bag and keep on holdin on. you could probably drive over this thing a couple of times and still get you picks to stay in it.
On 1/15/2001, Tim Ball (2060) posted:
Overall Rating:

It's only a pick holder. But it works.
Price: $1.50 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Shack
The double-side foam adhesive tape on the back of this pick holder can be used to mount it on wherever you want; I wouldn't mount it directly on the guitar, though.

I mounted mine on the plastic neck end of my strap.

It can be easily removed and reapplied. After several such operations, though, you'd have to scrounge up a new piece of tape.

It holds about six or seven of my medium picks.
Hasn't failed me yet.