Stone Roses

by Stone Roses

(1989) Silvertone #1184

Description The Birth of Indie music in the UK was heralded by this, one of the greatest debut albums of all time, the Stone Roses eponymous 1989 set.
Posted By Karim Elkashef (82)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 1/13/2001, Karim Elkashef (82) posted:
Overall Rating:
In one album, the Stone Roses' powerful blend of guitar pop/rock, would usher into the UK music market a whole new generation of bands, namely Indie music. Their success was built around the classic four piece band setup; an able and efficient bass/drums rythamn section, John Squire's frighteningly effective guitar riffs, and the unique vocal of charasmatic front man Ian Brown. The album opens with 3 classic songs of the era; 'I wanna be adored' the approprite opener that clearly spelled out the Roses' ambitions, 'She bangs the drums', a great single that alerted many to the potential of the group, and 'Waterfall', whose guitar riff is an essential must-know to all aspiring axe players. The album meanders from track to track, cleverly fusing rock guitar with pop sounds and harmonies, to create a completly original and effective sound, one that would be mimicked by scores of guitar bands throughout the 90's and into the new millenium. The album closes with 'I am the Resurrection', a fitting, climaxing finale, and an accurate description of the Stone Roses' place in the greater scheme of things.