The Queen Is Dead

by The Smiths

(1986) WEA/Warner Brothers #25425

Description The groundbreaking 3rd album from influential English group, the Smiths.
Posted By Karim Elkashef (82)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 1/12/2001, Karim Elkashef (82) posted:
Overall Rating:
Strange, that an album so vast and so breathtaking in its emotional and musical sweep, so central to the music of the time, and so influential on artists to follow, should be consigned to virtually unknown status in the current climate of drab, pointless dance music, and unsatisfying and unfocused American so called 'punk' bands.

Not since Lennon and MaCartney has a partnership of the creativity and innovation of Morrissey and Marr fused so many elements and influences, to produce what can truly be classed as a classic album.

The Queen is Dead, the Smith's seminal 3rd set, is brilliant from start to finish, from the bitter social commentry of the title track opener, right through to the finish. Sublime moments include 'I know it's over'; an epic that aptly demonstrates Marr's ability to set the mood for Morrissey's sweeping, sometimes haunting vocal. 'Bigmouth Strikes Again'; Marr's guitar playing is in the ascendancy on this much copied but never equaled portion of hard edged Brit-humour. And my personal favourite, 'There is a light that never goes out'; Poignant, beutiful.

If you're a Smiths fan, this is a must. if you're not, this is a must. Truly one of the most important albums of the decade.