Magnum Mag22rd

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Magnum

Description Incorperates a Humbucker pickup as well as two other standard pickups. Cherry red in colour with wood grain neck. Wah wah bar and two tone and one volume controls
Posted By Daniel Hicks (57)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 1/12/2001, Daniel Hicks (57) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think this is a great, affordable and reliable axe. Not too expensive for beginners and quality enough for the experienced.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $399.00 Australian (new)
Where Obtained: International Music House, Tmba, Qld, Aust
Made in Japan. Solid body and wood grain neck. 22 Frets in total. Two tone and one volume dials with a 5 position switch. Two single and one Humbucker pickup.
Strings are close and the action is rather good. Lead port faces down which can be good or bad, depending on the situation. Basically a Strat copy in shape-easy to get to high frets.
Sound Quality:
I currently use a squire amp, a baby one but it enough to terrorize the neigbours. I play a varying range of music on it from heavy rock to clasical rock.
So far I've had no trouble with it, especially with the use of a capo and going out of tune.