ZOOM 509 Multi-Effects Pedal

Multi-Effects Pedal

Made by ZOOM

Description 24 editable effects, mostly in the chorus, tremolo category. Neat built in tuner mode. Great fun to play on and with.
Posted By James McManus (87)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 1/10/2001, James McManus (87) posted:
Overall Rating:
Way more than I was shopping for but I can't turn down a clearance price. I was pleasantly suprised. (They usually sold them for around $99, still a deal.) I looked at the baby Dano chorus and reverbs, nice, and probably all I need, but the 509 has those and a lot of 'play toys' besides. I probably won't use most of the effects much, but they are fun to play with, and it's nice to know that I can play old 70's psychedelic stuff if I want to. I'll definitely consider other Zoom products next time I've got cash (Don't hold your breath, Zoomies, me and cash are rarely on speaking terms.)
Price: $39.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Ken Stanton Music, Marietta GA
An all digital multi-pedal with four pushbuttons and two foot switches. (I don't think they are rugged enough to call stomp switches, though.) 24 Editable effects settings. Several of the effects are stereo capable. Built in tuner, which is great for guys like me with cheap guitars. AC adapter and 9V battery powered. Trust me, spring for the adapter.
Sound Quality:
I planned on getting a chorus to fatten up my wimpy neck pickup when I play straight into a mixing board, but got this because of the price. Playing with it I rediscovered my Pink Floyd days. Lot's of different trem/chorus sort of effects, and a flanger described by my son as "The aliens have landed." It also has a 'Blues' setting that sounds like you're playing in a huge narrow hall. Not very bluesy, but a good sound for "Live at the Amphitheater" solo fantasies. Seems pretty quiet, I've not run it through the board but I don't expect any real problems (for live performances anyway.)
Ease of Use:
I'm an engineer so punching a few buttons to muck around with the presets is pretty much up my alley. You can reset some or all to factory settings if you get a little too creative. That also allows you to put effects you use right next to each other, so you don't spend half the chorus playing footsie. I really like the tuner feature, it's easy to use and you can see it okay from a short distance (like standing up and it's on the floor.)
I've only had it for a little while, but I'm sure it's plenty durable for my use. Mostly it'll stay on top of my amp at home, but I won't hesitate to bring it out with me. (I play mostly at churches so I don't usually worry about getting head banging excited and smashing things.)