Planet Waves Planet Lock Strap

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Description Locks on almost any guitar without modification. Stays lockedc until the side pin is released. High-impact plastic won't stretch or become worn like leather.
Posted By Tim Ball (2060)
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On 2/2/2001, Tim Ball (2060) posted:
Overall Rating:
Strap available in eight different designs. This is the best strap I've ever used. For me, it was worth the trouble making a minor adjustment to my strap button to take full advantage of the locks on this strap.

Also, the plastic mechanisms provide enough of a flat surface area that I was able to stick my Dunlop pick holder onto the left end of the strap.

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Price: $17.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Carlton Music
Each end of this nylon-webbed strap has a locking mechanism that's very secure. It's quick to attach and stays locked on solid until you push the release pin. The release pin is situated so it's pretty much impossible for it to release accidentally.

This strap had a problem with the left strap button on my guitar (a Yamaha APX4A acoustic-electric). The button is mounted on the bottom of the neck's heel. But the heel of the neck isn't flush with the back of the body; it's about 3/16 of an inch short of the back. This means there's less clearance around the strap button. Not a problem for a strap with a leather end, but the plastic locking end of this strap can't quite get around the button.

So in this case I carefully removed the strap button and then reinstalled it with a soft washer to raise it up off the heel of the neck a bit more. This provided the clearance I need to get the strap's locking mechanism to work on the button.

The strap includes a soft neoprene shoulder pad that adjusts easily and then stays put.
The nylon webbing is tough. I can't see this strap wearing out for a long time.