G&L ASAT Special

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by G&L

Description The ASAT Special is a Tele style guitar .Although a Tele style guitar the overwound pickups(single coil) are the most versital I've played.The bridge design adds sustain to this guitar that is usually never found with bolt on necks.
Posted By Damon Poor (55)
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On 1/7/2001, Damon Poor (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at Fender Tele's and a few other brand's(even considered having a custom built)the only one that peaked my interest was the Merle Haggard Tough Dog Tele.At$5500.00 list it wasn't going to happen and with the versitility this guitar offer's I think it was a better choice anyway at any price.I would buy this inst. again and may someday buy a second one,but dont plan on gettin up if I catch you tryin to take this one.The only thing I dont like about this guitar is having to put it down to go to work,oh well gotta pay for it somehow.Dont be stuck on a certain brand just because so and so play's it.Leo Fender's best work(IMO)came out of the last year's of his life,if your considering a new Fender Strat or Tele look at the G&L Legacy's and ASAT'S a lot more guitar for the money.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $800.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Moze Guitar's San Diego
This is a HANDBUILT American made guitar from the last company Leo Fender operated until he passed away.It has an alder body,bolt on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.It has very nicely set jumbo fret's that are finished very well.It is the typical 1 volume,1 tone control setup common to this style of guitar,and has a 3 way switch.Two manufacture handwound pickup's(overwound)are stock in this inst.and are both single coil.The electronic's are passive.The fit and finish are excelent and the tabacco burst is very even and beautifuly done.The body is a single cutaway(Tele style)that allows easy access to the highest register's.The bridge is a special Leo Fender design hardtail that(IMO)is the reason this guitar's sustain is so awesome.The tuners are 6 on one side non locking and slotted. They are sealed and of high quality.
I'm playing this guitar with .011's and after a minor trussrod adj.and reset of intonation I was able to bring the action to my desired height with no fretting out.The neck is very comfortable and suit's me very well and play's better than any guitar that I played by Fender even Custom Shop Tele's that listed for twice as much.I could find no visable flaw's
Sound Quality:
I own a Hotrod Deville and run thru a Boss SD1 and CE5 (though I would like to try a Voodoo Lab's Sparkle Drive)I play in a contemporary worship band.I also play Country/Rock,Classic/Rock and lately some Blues and Blues/Rock.This guitar is well suited for these style's and because of the pickup's design it is well suited for ather style's also.This guitar can do the Tele twang or can sound very full and rich.Crank the volume and they sing like P90's versitility is the word.No Telecaster sounded like this.I do not plan any mods.There is a little noise common to single coil's but I also live in a 45 year old home.I dont find it annoying though.It definatly is a great live inst. but would also be great for the studio if the situation called for it.
This is my second G&L guitar(my first was a used Legacy)and find them to be extremely reliable and steady.Both guitar's retain their tunning even in broad temp changes.I've never had to readjust the truss-rod except when string gauge's were changed.No strap lock's.