Absolute Benson

by George Benson

Description This is the latest recording by George Benson. It leans towards the smooth jazz side, but is full of cool, fat guitar playing.
Posted By Brian Elzey (4318)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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Member Reviews

On 12/14/2004, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
The sad thing is, Mr. Benson is so much better then this. He has got mad soul jazz/ hard bop skills, and instead he gives us more smooth jazz. On the other hand, the album isn't bad- just not- good.
On 4/27/2002, Chris Oyer (2046) posted:
Overall Rating:
I got this as a christmas gift after seeing George in concert on pbs. I was really intrigued watching him but the album just wasn't quite the same. However, putting this aside I found the album to be pretty good. I 'd say 3.3 stars but tenths aren't available here. It good have had a few more songs, i thought.
On 1/4/2001, Brian Elzey (4318) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was my first exposure to Mr. Benson, so I cannot compare it to any of his previous recordings. I know that I like what I hear. There's very cool phrasing, blazing bebop lines, lots of double stops, lots of scat singing. Many of the tunes have a funky vibe, there's a blues number, and a couple that are radio friendly. The recording quality is great, a very class production. I've heard that some of his previous CD's were heavy on vocals and weak on guitars. This one is chuck-full of great guitar playing, tasty licks abound. I'll definately be checking out more of his recordings.