Korg GA-20

Made by Korg

Description This is a EADGBE, or Guitar specific Version of the CA 20.
Posted By Tim Floto (6151)
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Member Reviews

On 1/25/2001, John Myers (8868) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall this is a very nice accessory for any dedicated guitar player. One downside is that it can be very difficult to open to put the batteries in. But overall, it is an excellent piece of equipment, very durable, useful, and reliable.
Price: $22.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Schneider Music
It is an excellent tuner because it will automatically tune the string you are playing and it can also be set manually to the desired string. These are features that are great to use. One of the nice features is the easy to read LED and the lights to guide your tuning.
It is nice and rugged and is more than good enough for typical playing needs.
On 1/2/2001, Tim Floto (6151) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a compact, fairly accurate tuner. (On my Quik Tune I still need to tweak a the G and B strings after I've dialed it in) No tweaking needed. Easy to use. In auto mode, which I always use, it detects the string you're playing so it couldn't be easier to tune to standard tuning. If you want some no standard Guitar tuning try the Korg CA-20.
Price: $12.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Ebay
This has an LCD needle type display with both a Mic for acoustic tuning and a 1/4" guitar input for electric. It's small and fits in a shirt pocket.
I've been quite impressed with everything by Korg. This little thing is tough. I dropped (unintentionally) from the table onto a tile floor with no I'll effects. The battery last who knows - I'm still on my first after a year.