Fender '76 Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Clear blonde, hard tail(no tremlo), bullet truss rod, individualy adjusted saddles
Posted By Anthony Grieco (9)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 9/10/2005, Leslie (Mike) Carr (150) posted:
Overall Rating:
To die for
Model Year: 1997
Price: $650.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Showcase
USA Mfg. built to 1964 specs. wood, finish, color scheme neck & body contours. Lindy Fralin Strat Pickups Torres Engineering BluesKaster Deluxe wiring harness
I'm not an audiophile or a nitpicker this axe paly as well as custom shop strats i've tried or used
Sound Quality:
Play it through a blues Jr. Cybertwin or Bassman 410 this axe walks the walk and talks the talk
Don't play professionally
On 1/1/2001, Anthony Grieco (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would track down who stole it and crack their head open with my rocktron Rampage pedal. My favorie aspect is that you can play any type of music with it. There is no bad thing. Get one.
Model Year: 1976
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: Uncle
Made in US. Maple body & neck. 21 frets (standard), 6 strings. 2 tone & one volume. 3 pickups s/s/s. Passive electronics. Single coil pickups. natural blonde finish. Strat style (large headstock). String- thru body. Vintage tuners.
The action on my guitar is excellent. The neck is rounded (much more than newer strats) and I play the best with this kind of neck. As far as difficulty to play, it depends on the guitarist.
Sound Quality:
I play through a Peavey solo series 120 and play with rocktron and boss effects. I play all rock on this guitar(classic, acid, metal, industrial, etc.) but it works for any style. The sound is wonderful. Has sharp but warm tone. Better than other single coils. A humbucker in the bridge. It gets major feedback.
Works grat for live playing. Not usualy. Some of the hardware is a little loose, but it is 24 years old. Not good for climate changes.