Fender Blues Deville

60W Combo (4 x 4")

Made by Fender

Description Similar to an original Fender bassman etc. with 2 channels and reverb
Posted By Duffy Doherty (14)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 9/8/2002, Rudy Castle (4) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at some marshall 4x10 cabinents/heads but they were out of my price range.. I looked at Peavey's version of this amp but it didn't seem as loud. I also looked at the 1x12 version of the amp.

I bought this amp because I loved the way it sounded and the salesguy made me a hell of a deal on it.

I would definately replace this amp if it were ever stolen.. Actually, some kid once tried to steal this amp as I was moving my gear for practice. The kid (around 11 or 12) came running up to it, grabbed the handle and tried to keep going. His feet got a head of him but the amp didn't move - he ended up leaving it there after he got up from the ground.

The worst aspect of this amp is its weight. It's too heavy, even to be stolen!

This amp doesn't have a low volume setting. You can't really hear it too good at 1 and 2 is too loud to play if someone else is trying to sleep. I get around this by using the compression pedal.
Price: $500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Joe's Music Quarters, MI
This is a tweed 4 x 10 tube amp rated at 65 Watts RMS. That rating is way underrated - I've never had to turn it all the way up to hear over other instruments I've accompanied. The amp has level (channel 2) and master volume, reverb, presence, low, mid, and high controls. There are standby and bright switchs on the amp as well as a dual foot switch controlling reverb and channel select. The standby switch is a blessing. You can keep the tubes nice and warm if you have to walk away for while without worrying about feedback building up. There are 2 input jacks and a output jack for an external preamp.
Sound Quality:
I play a mostly classic rock/blues so this amp fits nicely but it sounds great no matter what is being played through it. Not meant to be played at a low volume though. The amp hums a bit from the tubes, but they are well worth it. The controls are very responsive, this amp sounds as bright or as muddy as you need. Can be very warm or punchy as well. This isn't the amp with the really hot overdrive channel. I believe Fender started producing that amp in 1996. I play a modified Fender Strat Squire, a Gibson Les Paul Studio, and a Seagul accoustic. Effect wise I use a danelectro compressor, Boss digital delay, Cry baby, and a Digitech classic tube distortion pedal.
Ease of Use:
Very old school and easy to work with.. The louder the better.. It is very heavy though.. I think it weighs about 75 lbs.
Very reliable/sturdy. Very heavy duty amp. Haven't had to ever change the tubes, but I don't play too much anymore either. I think that the standby switch helps to extend tube life.
On 3/14/2001, Mitchell Mitchell (417) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this over a new Hot Rod Deville and Marshall 2X12 combos because i got a terrific deal. i would like that other channel in the hot rod, but i'll deal with it. if this were lost or stolen i'd get a hot rod.

favorite aspect is the loudness, and the cool vintage look. nothing is the worst...a great amp and im proud of the deal i got.
Model Year: 1995
Price: $375.00
Where Obtained: Internet Classified
This is the 4X10 model. tweed covering. This amp features (oh geez, i'm not near it...let's see) presence, reverb, master, low-mid-hi eq, drive & volume, 2 channels, "bright" switch no effects loop. loud as a mother. 65 watts of all tube power. although the reverb is solid state, still lays it out there tho, fender knows their reverb. i didnt get the footswitch with it, but i'm mostly on the dirty channel anyway.
Sound Quality:
I use a tele and a les paul with it. both are terrific sounding thru it. i play emopop and some heavy rock (you'll need to have a good stomp box collection to get any real metal tones, but this amp is friendly to my stompboxes) this is a blues amp all the way, but i like what it does for my style, chunka chunka chunka. this is the only tube amp i've ever owned, i've played marshall's but everyone plays on marshalls. when i first got it i was mad, i hadn't played it, had it shipped from washington. it was making a weird buzzing noise, but it turned out it was setting on a bad spot, i make sure its on solid ground and it does fine. the clean channel will distort if you let it, and the dirty channel will be clean too, but once you've figured out where you want it set, it does ok.
Ease of Use:
Plug in, turn on, adjust some chicken heads. as straight forward as you get. see above as far as "fiddling goes"
Haven't had it that long but its seven years old, or six or whatever. the tweed is kinda worn and even fraying a little, but it still keeps singing!