Martin D-16 GTE AE

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Martin

Description This guitar is an Acoustic/Electric Cutaway, with black trim around the outside, and herringbone around the soundhole. Beautiful.
Posted By Josh Witenheld
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Member Reviews

On 1/6/2001, Josh Witenheld posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar is, with lack of any other terminology at hand, the best cutaway I could ask for. It has all the features I want, sounds the same plugged in as not, great action and neck size, and wonderful playability and sound. The only thing I would warn with is the fact that each Martin is different. I played the exact same model in Ohio that I played in Mass (where I bought it), and the Ohio one was nothing near as amazing as mine. Just make sure you have played at least two, to get an idea.
Price: $1200.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
This guitar, a glasstop, was made in the USA (of course). Being a cutaway, it has good upper fret access, but does not lose nearly anything in the way of sound quality (personally, I think the sound quality is better than the sound on any other cutaway I have played). Fishman Prefix pickup, and of course, that great Martin smell.
My preferred action is low. And this guitar has it. Low action is rare on a Martin, and so I was dually surprised to find such low action. The neck is thin, another plus for me. It plays amazingly well, the combonation of the low action, upper fret access, quick fretspeed and thin neck make me just want to stop typing and start playing.
Sound Quality:
This guitar resonates amazingly well. The sound is everything with acoustics (in my opinion), and this Martin delivers. While the sound quality on each guitar is different with Martins, I happen to have found this one to be amazing. The bass is superb, with a full, booming mid section, and a near vocal-esque high end. I play everything from flamenco to blues on it, and it has never failed me.
Durability? Well, I baby all my equipment (I use a dampit, if that gives you any indication), and have only dropped it (in its well padded case) once. It was fine. It stays in tune really, really well.