IntelliTuner DCT-8M

Made by IntelliTuner

Description An electronic tuner, ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Affordable and accurate, it features automatic calibration and is ideal for acoustic and electric.
Posted By Chris Turner (205)
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On 12/23/2000, Chris Turner (205) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at cheaper tuners than this one, and they are available, but the extra 5 or so I paid for this one (about $7.50) was well worth it. There are, of course, more expensive tuners available, but this one is well within the price range of the beginner.

The microphone has a tendency to be a little over-sensitive, however, and this has sometimes led to my 'B' string, particularly, being a little out. This is a niggling little moan though, as you should always check your guitar before playing anyway.

On the whole, I found the DCT-8M incredibly easy to use, and is an absolutely vital piece of kit. Don't rely on pitch pipes - this is far better.
Where Obtained: MusicWorld
This slim little device is ideal for guitarists of all levels as an affordable way of accurately tuning your guitar. It is tunable across 8 octaves, with 12 notes per octave, and accurate to within 0.5 cents, and uses a Quartz crystal for extra accuracy. Ideal for electric and acoustic guitars, it plugs directly into the guitar, and features a built-in microphone for acoustic tuning. Although the DCT-8M has automatic calibration, it is possible for you to adjust this manually, providing an accessory that is infinitely versatile. I also found its extremely long battery life to be useful - I haven't changed mine in nearly 18 months, and it's still working. A great, affordable tuner all-round.
The tuner is made of hard plastic, and mine has taken a few knocks without showing any signs of damage. Ideal for travelling guitarists.