by Godsmack

(2000) Republic

Description Heavy-hitting, hardcore metal. 11 killer tracks, including the awesome title track, "Awake". Godsmack's second album
Posted By Sean Patrick (10)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 8/29/2002, Shawn Marshall (209) posted:
Overall Rating:
Godsmack is one of the reasons the nu-school American metal scene is being destroyed by the europeans.Nothing about this music has any value to guitar players.How can you separate the Godsmacks from the Stainds from the Limp Bizkits?Not possible.If you can tune to drop d then I guess it makes you a "guitar god" these days.
On 7/2/2001, David Begin (1116) posted:
Overall Rating:
Extremly Good but I took a star off because it wasn't as consistent as the first CD. This CD not every song was awesome. Still had great songs and I think any true metal or hardcore fan would love it.
On 1/25/2001, Jason Levandofsky (506) posted:
Overall Rating:
Every time I hear this band on the radio, all I can think is: Does this guitar player do anything besides ride the e-string, and play a series of ope e power chords? I hate this band.
On 12/26/2000, Joe Hamilton (99) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was skeptical at first of Godsmack's new release, but I think that it brings out a rocking side of people that they constantly repress. Godsmack rocks it out with ease and great delight.