DigiTech RP-6

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by DigiTech

Description Multi effects floor unit. No tubes in this unit. 2 distortions, compressor, noise gate, chorus/wha, pitch shift, delay, reverb, eq, cab simulator, auto tuner. Foot pedal assignable to different parameters. Stereo & headphone outs.
Posted By Bob Zave (1540)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 12/20/2000, Bob Zave (1540) posted:
Overall Rating:
One who is really good at editing from a digital matrix may find this thing more friendly than I do. The eq is really bogus, a simple bass, mid, treble, set up would be better. Many of the factory presets are laughable. They may be good to showcase what the unit can do, but who really needs a "spatially ring modulated compressed slap mega buzz"? And for what song? I don't think I would recommend this unit to anyone as a stand alone preamp. For me it works best with simple programs written that let me use it like a chain of stomps. I'm still going through the bazillion sounds in it, maybe one day I'll find something exceptional. I wouldn't buy it again, much less new, you can get em used really cheap now.
Price: $300.00 (new)
Obviously it has a ton of features, the most notable being the assignable pedal, auto tuner & headphone out. The eq is a real downfall for features, more on this later...
Sound Quality:
I wanted to use this with a Peavey tube amp but after working with it, I believe it's probably best suited for solid state or recording duties. It has some good sounds and some bad ones, the best being chorus, delay, gate, comp & reverb. Overdrive distortion is ok but the "grunge" distortion is thin and goes wild when used with an amp. The wha wha is awfull. It bypasses nicely, which is good for me because I mainly use it like a bunch of stompboxes instead of my main sound.
Ease of Use:
For myself, this unit is easy to run but not so easy to get good, solid, useable sounds. You can edit parameters all day long. The way they name the parameters is funky too, for instance the chorus has - "level 1, level 2" instead of "depth, rate", same goes for the delay & reverb. The eq is even funkier. You can select 3 frequencies (out of many) in a specific range, and then select the gain amount (+ or -) for that frequency. That may sound easy but it's not, unless you have memorized the frequency bands on a 31 band graphic eq.
Seems to be a sturdy enough steel housing. I gig with it some of the time. No problems yet.