DigiTech PDS 1700

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by DigiTech

Description Chorus - Flanger
Posted By Bruce Maag (15581)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 12/20/2000, Bruce Maag (15581) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would recommend this pedal. As a pedal for somebody that only needs minimal effects. A wide variety of sounds can be had with this pedal.
Model Year: 1996
Price: $35.00
Where Obtained: Private Seller
Chorus has speed, delay, and depth. Flange has speed, delay, depth, and regen. Battery powered or ac adaptor.
Sound Quality:
I use a Les Paul Classic and Marshall JCM-900 through it My styles vary using this. I use the chorus, combined with another chorus. Both preset for quick stomps. I play mainly rock, metal, and blues through the combination of the two. The flanger side of it is not used as often.
Ease of Use:
Very user friendly. Two switches allow you to select which mode you want to be in, either one of the two or both. Easy to setup.
Cast constuction. Very durable.