by Tool

(2000) Volcano

Personnel Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones
Description Tool's box set including live album, videos and 56-page booklet.
Posted By Nicolas De Guzman (2715)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Overall Rating: 4.3 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 1/3/2011, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
While I may not be able to match the poetry of some of the other reviews of this record, let me simply say that rare box set is a must-have, if you can still find it (and afford it- they go for $150-200 on e-bay).

It does capture some of the essence of their live show, but it adds a great cover of Led Zeppelin's No Quarter. However, Tool is a band you truly need to experience live!
On 12/19/2000, Mario McDermott (17) posted:
Overall Rating:
The only problem with this record is that there is only one completely new song (and it is a bonus track). Followers of Tool have probably heard at least live versions of all of the other songs (whether at a concert or from Napster). But other than that, the album is spectacular and very well produced (like the previous 3 CDs). They filled this disk up to the last second (74 min total) with great live performances and memorable studio outakes. The DVD contains all five videos Tool has made (including the rare "Hush" video, not provided for those buying the VHS version). The guitar playing is amazing, again. The drums and bass are usually locked in a tight groove, with Adam Jones providing out-of-this-world textures.
On 12/19/2000, Nicolas De Guzman (2715) posted:
Overall Rating:
Tool is one of those bands that have transformed the art of making music. Dark, dense textures combined with the powerful voice of Maynard inspire transcendental and introspective thoughts. In this box set, the band captures the atmosphere of their live performances. Throughout the recording the audience is prompted by Maynard to open up and follow the music. The listener of the album will find himself doing just that. Among some of the highlights of the album are the extended version of "pushit" and their version of Led Zeppelin's "no Quarter."

The Video collection includes all of the band's videos. Thus, the images combined with the music bring out the most irrational fears and passions of the viewer.

All in all, Salival will prove to be a shcking spiritual experience for the listener.