Tagima TG Zero

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Tagima

Description It's a great guitar, made in Brazil by Seiji Tagima, one of the best brasilians luthiers. It's the top of the factory.
Posted By Pedro Werneck (463)
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On 12/15/2000, Pedro Werneck (463) posted:
Overall Rating:
The Tagima Zero is the guitar useb by much brasilian musicians, Like Kiko Loureiro from Angra, Bira Mendes ( trancripter of the brasilian Guitar Player)... It's not expensive and it's very good... if you play metal, I think you cannot find any guitar at the same price with better caracteristics...
Model Year: 1999
Price: $900.00 R$ (new)
It's a Brasilian Guitar. A guitar with custom properties.It have an ash body, maple neck, rosewod scale with 27 frets and shark teeth markers, 2 pick ups: a DiMarzio humbucker and a Seymour Duncan Hot-Rails on the neck... chrome hardware, black or golden. The body can be metal red, metal white, pearl, natural (wood and varnish), sunburst, brown sunburst, tansparent red and black.
The guitar has a very agressive design, and it's only for one thing: shred.If you want to fry the neck it's the perfect guitar.It's soft to play and the neck it's thin and very fast.The cutaway is good and you can reach the 27 fret easily.The only problem is the tremolo, similar to the Floyd Rose but sometimes it detune the strings.
Sound Quality:
It's a heaven's sound... clean in the solos and crunch when necessary... it works good at any style and any amp or effectys, but metal is it's territory.I use my one with my Marshall and a compressor.
...because I buy my one only two months ago, there's no much to talk about durability, but it seems to be very strong... My tg zero fall from 6 ft high and it's perfect