Washburn OG20CECBL

6-String Guitar

Made by Washburn

Description The OG20CE model in CBL (Carribean Blue...which is really a deep translucent green) is extraordinarily "player freindly".
Posted By Steve Maddex (65)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 12/14/2000, Steve Maddex (65) posted:
Overall Rating:
I had been searching for an acoustic/electric/cut out for a jazz band I am playing in. I was looking for black, but lost all control when I saw the carribean blue/green. I looked at dozens of guitars...from Fenders to Gibsons to who-knows-what before I chose the Washburn.
Model Year: 2000
Where Obtained: Musicians Emporium
The body is just a little smaller,the neck is a little narrower, the cut out is perfect, the EQ is EASY to use and the finish is gorgeous. I selected "other" for the type because it is an acoustic/electric and plays equally well either way. It has a considerably stronger voice (unplugged) than an ovation of similar size. I love it!! It's a great "first pro-guitar".
Sound Quality: