Ovation Celebrity Deluxe 12/6 Double Neck

Acoustic Guitar

Made by Ovation

Description Celebrity Deluxe Double Neck. Typical Ovation construction. 12 String on Top. On board EQ.
Posted By Bill Dunlap (443)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/23/2001, Bill Dunlap (443) posted:
Overall Rating:
Originally, I thought I would buy this again, but I won't. After the problems with the sound board I traded it in on a 12 string Ovation... single neck.
Price: $999.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars
Basically, you've got a 12 and 6 string Celebrity Deluxe in one guitar. The electronics are standard Ovation with the onboard EQ
Playability is good. It doesn't slide around like the regular Ovations. However, working with the 6 string gets difficult because it is on the bottom and it can get uncomfortable to play.
Sound Quality:
I play this through a Fender Acoustasonic Junior. I play folk/rock and sing. Sound is ok. It sounds kind of... dull in places, though. Like the larger sound box and placement of the holes doesn't quite get you the true tone of a single neck guitar. The onboard switch goes to either guitar or both.
It is very reliable for live playing. It takes some getting used to , though. Large temperature changes (15 degrees or more) can throw both 6 and 12 string out of tune rather quickly. In the end, though, I had to take it back about 3 months after I bought it. It had developed a nasty stress fracture down the middle of the sound board.