Fender Standard Stratocaster - Left Handed

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description It's midnite wine in color, Maple neck. I was lookin' at all the models in '98.And almost got the pricey American Standard,which sounded as if it was holding back on me,it didnt have that whine.And so they showed me the Mexican made Standard.
Posted By Darrald Larter (24)
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On 12/6/2000, Darrald Larter (24) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pick up noise is a problem,but as for every thing else It playes like a dream'. I really cant think of any way I'dd change it
Model Year: 1998
Price: $329.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Fender
Made in Mexico,She has a maple neck,it has a midnite wine finish,The Amer. Standard Strat. sounded as if were holding back,so I picked up another one,thinking it was an Amer.,Man this one wailed and on command,blew me away and it was 3-400 dollars cheaper
Since most guitar are desighned for right handed player; playability is usally lacking, I found this to be the case with Gibsons,Ibenize,B.C. Rich,Washburns;But the Fender's I got all play like Fender's made them for ME!! With Lefties in mind totally
Sound Quality:
Well its a Stratocaster and Like the Strats of yesteryear it has some pick up noise when the toggle is in the odd positions.but theres tricks to get around that. And for the styles I play,classic rock,blues,alternative; its great.unless I'm recording I play straight to the amp and it goes from clean(almost woody) to screamin" and all points between..
It's practically Rock'n Solid