Dunlop Lok Strap

Made by Dunlop

Description This is an inexpensive alternative locking your strap onto the strap buttons.
Posted By Tim Floto (6151)
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On 12/6/2000, Tim Floto (6151) posted:
Overall Rating:
At first I was quite wary of these because they're el cheapo. But after 6 months of use I'm pretty convinced - I still check them out to make sure they haven't gotten weak and are on properly. But I've had not one failure. Every think else I looked at was a "system'. At least requiring changing your Strap buttons. These are $1.25 each. It's cheap solid protection as far as I'm concerned.
Price: $1.25 (new)
Where Obtained: Paradise Music, San Jose, Ca
These little button looking things are placed over the strap button after you put the strap on. Then you twist into place and your strap will not fall or unloosen from the strap button. I used to have my strap coming off all the time til I tried these little babies from Jim Dunlop. They're easy to use, cheap and they work
They're made out of plastic and they look flimsy but I've had the same pair on my dreadnaught for over six months of heavy use with no problem. They're also on my strat for the same amount of time.