Holy Wood: In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death

by Marilyn Manson

(2000) UNI/Interscope

Description One of the best Marilyn Manson albums and one of the most creative albums ever. The guitar riffs range between down right distorted and heavy to nice and melodic. The vocals sound great as well as the nice piano melodies.
Posted By Kevin Lefebvre
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 8/17/2001, Heather Lampkin (228) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have always been more intrigued by Manson then any thing else so i bought this to chekc it out. I was way into a few manson tunes like "Last day on Earth" and "Snakeeyes and Sissies" but this album blew away all my otehr expectations. Manson is truly i think a disturbed individual but also a creative genius with more talent and flair then almost any other act on the go right now-----HOLYWOOD KICKS ASS
On 12/5/2000, Kevin Lefebvre posted:
Overall Rating:
Holywood is probably Marilyn Manson's best record to date. It has the heavy industrial sound of Antichrist Superstar, as well as the Mechanical Animals mellowness. However it also adds a more darker egde than the Mechanical Animals record had. GODEATGOD is a disturbing, but pretty, mellow song and Love Song was a heavy, violent song that references to America's obsession with violence. Taget Audience and Coma Black are also wnderful, but are for the most part fairly mellow (with the exception of Target Audience's chorus. The heaviest songs are Burning Flag (which is practically thrash)and Fight Song. This is a must have for any Manson fan or even the curious inded.