Smokey Amps USA Deluxe

Mini/Headphone Amp (1 x 1")

Made by Smokey Amps USA

Description This amp is the size of a cigarette package. The original was put in a the package so it would look like a pack of Marlboro's or whatever. Now they also make them in a polycarbonate (read some kind of plastic) case, still the same size.
Posted By Tim Floto (6151)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/4/2000, Tim Floto (6151) posted:
Overall Rating:
I didn't try the other mini's: The Dano Honey Tone or the Marshall or Fender but I like this thing and would get another if this were lost (easy it's so small) or stolen (why?) I just use it to plug in and play when I don't want to wear head phones.Check them out - SmokeyAmps
Price: $24.95 (new)
Where Obtained: Starving Musician
This has an input for your ax and you can direct output to an amp and use it like a fuzz box. It's small, as I said, the size of a cigarette pack. When you plug in your cable it turns on when you unplug it turns off, simple. This thing is a cheesey little 9 volt battery powered mini amp. For 25 bucks you don't get no stinkin' features.
Sound Quality:
I play my strat through a Korg Pandora PX2 into this thing. The volume and tone are controlled by the guitar controls. So for a clean sound I put the volume to about 2 on the strat any higher and you get a lot of noise/fuzz. I like a clean tone and the sound is clean enough at 2 for my playing.
Ease of Use:
How could it be easier? Well one thing - when you need to change the battery there are three screws and the two other nuts two undo - a pain. The battery lasts about 20 hours, but I didn't time it so I'm not sure exactly. Other than that it's a no brainer.
It's tough - at least the one in the polycarbonate housing is. Hey if it breaks flush it and get a new one